backgroundPrivate healing sessions are available on request.

Pranic Healing is a comprehensive and highly effective energy healing system. It works as well remotely, or distantly, as it does in person. Pranic energy travels faster than sound waves or light waves and can be directed by thought and intention.

Each of our Pranic Healers have over a decade of experience using Pranic Healing energy to support healing a multitude of health issues ranging from the simple headache to depression, anxiety, cancer and many other conditions.

If you are need of healing for physical or psycho-emotional issues or just want more balance and equilibrium in your life, it is easy to book a session. Most sessions will be distant, using phone, Skype or Facetime to connect from anywhere. In person sessions can be booked for our Centers in Charlotte, NC, Gulf Breeze/Pensacola, FL or Orlando, FL. To book a session, simply give us a call/text or send us an e-mail. Payments can easily be made using Paypal.

$125.00 per session.

4 sessions for 360.00

10 sessions for 700.00


Please call to schedule

Connie Williams   850- 380-0561

Dr. Ken Williams   850-380-0530

Gift Certificates Are Available