“Pranic Psychotherapy is a powerful tool in healing psychological ailments and can be used to complement clinical psychology and psychiatry.” – Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Psychotherapy focuses on understanding, preventing and alleviating psychological ailments and emotional/mental imbalances from an energetic perspective. This would include stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, phobias, addictions, etc.

In Pranic Psychotherapy, you will learn advanced energetic extraction techniques.  Pranic Psychotherapy is not meant to replace traditional therapeutic treatment, but is integrative.

 You will learn:

  • The psychological functions of the major chakras
  • Scanning the chakras for negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and traumas
  • Disintegration and extraction of negative or unhealthy thoughts and patterns
  • Protocols for treating Depression, Phobias, and Addictions  (alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, food addictions, etc)
  • Activation and inhibition of the chakras to maintain emotional balance
  • Self-healing for tension, irritability, grief and anxiety, etc
  • Repairing damaged or cracked protective webs in the chakras and aura
  • Energetic shielding techniques to ensure continued improvement and minimize contaminating influences
  • Transmutation of energy to enhance development of the brain and upper chakras
  • Removing the negative influences (e.g., envy, jealousy, anger, etc.) of other people around you

Learn techniques to heal and alleviate stress as well as emotional and mental imbalances.

Advanced energetic extraction techniques 

Repairing damaged or cracked protective webs in the chakras.


Removing negative programming preventing your success

Shielding techniques to protect your chakras

Cleansing the Aura of negative thoughts and emotions


happiness, positive relationships