Learn and practice:


Energy Anatomy:

  • 11 Major Chakras
  • Outer Aura, Inner Aura and Health Aura

Scanning To Feel Energy Imbalances

Simplified Pranic Healing Protocols

Cleansing and Energizing Techniques

Disconnect from:

  • Draining people
  • Work-stress
  • Negative situations

Energy Hygiene for:

  • Yourself
  • Your home
  • Your office

You’ll Also Learn about:

  • Self Healing
  • Meditation On Twin Hearts
  • Distant Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Breathing
  • Prerequisite to higher courses

CE hrs. available for:

  • Social Workers
  • Massage Therapists

In BASIC PRANIC HEALING, also known as Level 1, you learn the basics of working with your energy body including learning to “scan” or feel the energy, to “sweep” or clean away congested energy and to “energize” or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic (energy) deficiency. You begin by learning to activate the energy centers or “chakras” in the center of your hands and are taught simple techniques to enable you to feel energy. This enables you to become quite sensitive to prana (energy) and be able to scan a person’s ( or your own ) energy field. This will allow you to identify blockages or deficiencies in the energy body so that it may be cleansed and energized to revitalize the area with new prana.

In this foundational course, you will learn about prana (life-force and chi energy) and how it is utilized for healing. You will understand the energetic anatomy of the body, and learn the foundational principles and techniques of the practice.

  • Energetic anatomy and the function of the major energetic centers (chakras)
  • Energetic scanning – a technique to identify areas of energetic congestion and depletion
  • Energetic Cleansing—techniques to remove congested or diseased energy from the body, organs and chakras
  • Energizing—safe ways to transfer prana to areas that need healing
  • Learn ways to protect yourself energetically, prevent energetic drainage and contamination
  • Experience the energetic benefits of breath-work and meditation
  • Divine Healing—using prayer and invocation for healing yourself and others
  • Distance Healing—understand the principles it is based upon and how to do it
  • Self-Healing—ways to manage your own energetic health and prevent / alleviate ailments

healing-hands-pranic-charlotte During the class you will actually practice what you are learning and experience Pranic Healing for yourself.